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Hello and welcome to Secret Society Tattoo, our private appointment-only art & tattoo studio. Our passion lies in creating custom design so each person has a one-off tattoo. Each person is invited to come by the studio prior to appointments, so we can discuss your ideas and consult together on the design you want.

Beany started tattooing in 2008, working in various studios around UK with different people and learning as much as possible. She has studied Art and Design, also with a Fine Art degree and a background in graphic design, and continually drawing/painting. A lot of her artwork is influenced and inspired by art history, nature and portraiture.

She is interested in meeting clients who are excited about collaborating on tattoo designs and trying to push ideas forward, people who are interested in making unique tattoos.

Secret Society - Tattoo Atelier... A tattoo studio for everyone


Q: I want a tattoo..where do I begin?

A: Firstly- know what you want! I am interested in working with you in creating your custom design, but you need to come up with the ideas. Put together some reference images, designs, pictures. We can have a consultation in person and finalise the tattoo design.

Q: Do I need to leave a deposit?

A: Yes, I always require a deposit. You can leave this in person with cash, or via PayPal. This secures your booking, and gives me a guarantee of your committment before I begin the process of researching/drawing your design. It will be included in your final payment. If you need to re-book or cancel, please do so with 48 hours notice minimum. Failure to do so will result in losing your deposit.

Q: So we have ideas and pictures, what now?

A: We can make an appointment, or several if it needs sessions. Let me know what days/times are best for you! I can talk you through my design ideas and we can refine them until you're happy.

Q: What do I need to do when coming for the first session?

A: Turn up on time (or early!), make sure you have something to eat beforehand and perhaps bring a drink or sugary snack. I can offer you hot drinks! Bear in mind clothing, wear something you'll feel comfortable in; zipped tops are handy for wearing backwards and elasticated bottoms are good for hip tattoos for example.

Q: Can I bring all my mates/family?

A: Bringing a person for support is fine, but there is limited work space, and too many people brings noise and distraction. Your tattooist needs to be focused 100% on your skin!  

Q: How much?

A: The golden question..how long is a piece of string? All tattoos have a minimum starting price from £40. All tattoos are different, two similar sized ones may have different prices due to the amount of detail, whether in colour or black/grey shading, body positioning etc. I can give you an estimate when we chat further. I also offer half-day and full-day flat rates, we can get as much work done as possible in the time. This is best for people with large ongoing work.

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