Back to life, back to reality

19th July 2020

What a busy week! Tattoo studios in England were officially allowed to reopen on Monday 13th July after several months of closures. We gave all postponed clients first refusal on appointments before opening the books to all new clients. It took several days to rearrange, but we are fully into it! The emails, messages, DMs and phone calls were going off the hook...

There's already bookings up until end of August, but it's always woth throwing us a message, in case there's a cancellation or a small gap to fill. I guess a lot of people had time to think about their ink (and a bit of furlough money?!)

Here are some highlights from the week....

Let 2020 commence...

12th July 2020

A new beginning for 2020... after three miserable months of uncertainty, UK tattoo studios are allowed to open on

Monday 13th July! This is very exciting and long waited-for.

 We had prepared slowly over the months; buying in extra PPE and doing several deep cleans. I have never been so excited for 

Monday morning! Once the announcement happened, the studio has been non-stop with messages and emails, regular clients wanting to continue on with postponed work and new clients who had lots of time to think of their new ink!

To get booked in, send details through the 'Contact' page. Also be sure to check the social medias!